In our laboratory, we are aiming at interdisciplinary researches featured with the 'fusion' of quantum statistical mechanics, energy solution, and artificial intelligence.

🔵 Mission: 'Interdisciplinary' energy solution research

In recent years, the renewable energy sector is moving toward more intelligent. In order to take advantage of the energy more efficiently, it is essential to construct a system which enables to conduct optimization calculation, power generation and consumption prediction, digital controlling and modeling. More specifically, our research interests include: the design and fabrication of energy conversion device (solar cell,etc) based on the first principle DFT quantum transport theory; Self-development of deep learning AI package; Construction of energy prediction system based on meteorological information calculation of the local area at high resolution (until the lattice spacing 500m) using meteorological numerical model WRF. Meanwhile, we are keeping working on the application of these basic research results to contribute to the real world by cooperating with the company and capture the needs of the times and make our society a better place.

🔵 Vision: "Organic fusion" of different research fields

In the coming future, there is no doubt that the "fusion" of different fields will be the major driving force to innovation technology. D-Wave,Inc, the Canadian company who at first commercialized a quantum computer by using the 1152 of quantum bits, is exactly the example of fusing different fields such as computer science and quantum magnetic theory to the ultimate. Our laboratory will seek to be able to realize the true interdisciplinary fusion in the research field. Under the energy solution centered research framework of info-Powered Energy System Research Center (i-PERC), we aim to achieve both the born of new knowledge and return their values to our society by fusion of different fields.




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